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The resort of Puerto Andratx, part of which you can see with the help of the web camera is located in the south-western part of the island of Mallorca. It is 32 kilometers from the capital Palma island. The resort is not the most popular holiday destination for most tourists, and there are a number of explanations. Firstly, Puerto Andratx has not its own private beach. To sunbathe and swim, you need to go out of town to a place called Camp de Mar. And secondly, this resort is too luxury for budget travelers. Puerto Andratx – a haven of money-bags and celebrities. It was here that they built luxury villas. Real estate in southwest Mallorca purchased Michael Schumacher and Claudia Schiffer. What is so remarkable in this place?

Many years ago Puerto Andratx was a fishing harbor, from there to the sea for fishing went population of nearby villages. Now, instead of boats you can observe the abundance of snow-white yachts, which is moored in a dozen quays. Luxury yahts travel through the spaces of harbor and show the wealth and luxury of their respective owners. Webcam that works online, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque mountains surrounding the harbor. At their slopes are beautiful villas and hotels. Their owners can every day to admire the panorama of Puerto Andratx and meet fantastic sunsets in the evenings. At the foot of the mountains built hotels, in which rest mostly Germans.

Along the water’s edge webcam gives the opportunity to see several berths, to which are moored yachts. In the foreground easy move in the breeze of the Mediterranean palm leaves. The resort attracts not only lovers of the picturesque cliffs and seascapes but also people interested in history. Long in the Middle Ages Andratx was an important fortification object. He was a defensive point of the island from the treacherous and greedy pirates. Centuries later, everyone who will visit the old part of the city, can walk along the narrow streets, cobbled stone, go into the ancient church of Santa Maria, and feel like real aristocrats.

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