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This webcam allows you go to northeastern part of the island Mallorca, where the resort Cala Ratjada is located. This place is very picturesque, as the town is located on a mountain cape. Beautiful nature attracts to Cala Ratjada many tourists from different countries, especially a lot of tourists here from Germany and France. Travelers come here to swim in the clear waters of the Balearic Sea, to breathe a pleasant fragrance of mountain pines growing on the outskirts of the resort, stroll along the narrow path to the main attractions in Cala Ratjada – the lighthouse and admire the views from the highest point of the island..

For a holiday in Cala Ratjada has all the conditions: to build a luxury hotel, many restaurants and cafes, there are discos and nightclubs. This webcam, located on the building of one of the tourist food places, allows you to see the waves sea in the precincts of Cala Ratjada. On the right we see the rocky shore of the island, as well as the promenade along the sea. In the center you will notice another coastal cafes, where visitors can not only enjoy the local cuisine, but also enjoy the view sea. But the main place of the rest are the resort’s beaches. You can make nice boat trips from them. Good location of Cala Ratjada provides an excellent opportunity for travelers to visit to located nearby Balearic island of Menorca.

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