Live webcam Lloret de mar – the western part of the beach


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This camera Lloret de Mar is aimed at the western part of the main beach of the city. The right side of the image shows you a small section of the road Passeig d’Agustí Font, which runs along the sea. When you cross the street, you get on a promenade with Mediterranean palm trees. This alley is always filled with people. In the afternoon they go to the beach, and in the evenings you can see souvenir dealers, luminous toys, see how street artists paint pictures, listen to the musicians playing on different instruments. You can just walk around here and enjoy the sea view, the sound of waves, breathe in the salty wind of Catalonia and smile happily at your dreams come true. The central part of the picture represents to you a wide strip of reddish large sand. Here the beach stretches for a width of 45 meters, so you will not be cramped on it even in high season.

As you can see using the Lloret de Mar webcam, Lloret beach rests on a picturesque promontory overlooking this part of the city. Here you can climb the path and look from the heights to Lloret de Mar, as well as see how big its main beach is. On a small hill there is a bronze figure of a woman, who put one hand to her forehead and strainedly peering into the blue sea. This sculpture is the wife of a fisherman, waiting for the return of her husband with a rich fish catch. The sea in Lloret de Mar is often turbulent, the waves are covered with white foam . It is not recommended to swim far from the shore, as the entrance to the water is quickly cut off by the abyss, and waves can carry you to the open sea. Sometimes on the beach set red flags and do not let tourists swim. But on sunny and clear days it is so nice to swim in the sea, to look at the Art Nouveau buildings located along the Passeig d’Agustí Font.

If you do not like swimming in the waves, you can try a variety of water activities. On the beach of Lloret you can rent a boat or a yacht, ride a banana. Sea voyages are sure to please you, as you swim along the rocky coasts and enjoy beautiful landscapes. This webcam Lloret de Mar, which helps to see you and the sea, and the beach, and the rocky promontory, and the street with the alley, takes you on your next vacation. You can admire this piece of the Catalan holiday corner at any time of the day. The webcam broadcasts a quality image, and you can see this pleasant place at any time of the day. In the night and evening hours illuminated by street lamps and embankment will allow to consider transport on the road and tourists, night owls, walking along the avenue.

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