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This webcam Lloret de Mar (tourist city, located 70 km from Barcelona) allows you to see the place for which many tourists come here on vacation. This is the largest beach in the city Lloret. Its length is 1600 meters. Lloret attracts tourists with a wide and long strip of large sand, which massages your feet well when walking on it, and almost does not stick to the body, unlike fine sand. The beach season in the city lasts almost 8 months a year, so Lloret at this time is filled with people sunbathing under the southern sun of Catalonia. But you always find a place under the sun because of the size of the beach. On the beach of Lloret you can sunbathe on a towel, and for those who like comfort, in rent for a few euros are given sun beds and umbrellas. Also here you can play beach volleyball.

The webcam Lloret de Mar gives you the opportunity to see the beach in all its glory. It is directed to the central and eastern part of Lloret. As you can see with the help of this camera, the beach ends at the foot of the rocky mountain. On its slopes you can climb the path and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, the city, the sea, pine trees growing on the rocks. Passing a little up, you find yourself at a small mansion with towers, reminiscent of a medieval castle. In fact, this is the home of a wealthy industrialist from Girona, and it was built in the middle of the last century. Due to its favorable location and fabulous architecture, the building is one of the business cards of the city of Lloret de Mar. Behind the castle, the path leads you higher, revealing a view of the opposite side of the mountain pass – cozy villas surrounded by coniferous trees.

The beach of Lloret is sure to please you with the convenience of location, unusual large sand, as well as the opportunity to swim in the rough waves of the Mediterranean Sea. For the purity of the water the beach was marked by the Blue Flag. The entrance to the sea is quite sharp, often on it raging waves, but you can swim near the shore and not be afraid that you will be carried away. You can wash off the salt directly on the beach, using special showers. Online webcam Lloret de Mar will help you enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach and the endless sea at any time of the day. In the evening, the beach will delight you with the lights of the embankment. In the daytime hours you will be able to see a picture in high quality and dream about the time when you can actually feel all the delights of a beach holiday in Catalonia.

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