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Webcam Gran Canaria takes you to the south of this island in the village of Patalavaca. Here you can relax, sunbathe and swim. In Patalavaca you can stay in expensive hotels and in modest apartments, because there is accommodation for every taste and purse. As in many places in Gran Canaria, in Patalavaca you will find many Scandinavians. They come from their cold countries for the winter or buy apartments on the “continent in miniature” to live in old age by the ocean. Patalavaka has a convenient location. Not far from it is the resort area – the town of Puerto Rico, and on the other side (to the west) is the luxurious complex Hotel Anfi del Mar, picturesque views of the bay and the magnificent white sandy beach, that are on the territory of this complex, you find among the webcams of Gran Canaria, presented on our website.

In Patalavaca you can have a good time on the beach, which is covered with gray sand. Unlike the sand of Anfi, brought from other countries, it was always here. The  Gran Canaria webcam – Patalavaca shows you a part of this beach, it is lazily pumped by ocean waves. There is a rental of umbrellas and sun beds. The entrance to the water is gently sloping, and, thanks to breakwaters, even children can swim here, as well as build castles of fine sand. Having rested and sunbathed, you will want to have a snack. And there is at your service a coastal cafe, and in the village you will find several restaurants (Mediterranean cuisine and Norwegian). If you get tired of being in Patalavaca all the time, you can stroll along the road that runs along the slopes of the Canary Mountains. From here you will quickly reach Anfi and admire from a height on the picturesque surroundings and the vast Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to see other places of the island, you can take the car for a while in one of the offices. Rent a car in Gran Canaria is well developed and is represented by several companies. Thanks to the car you will see the neighboring and distant resorts of the island, and you can also go to the dunes of Maspalomas. Webcam Gran Canaria – Patalavaca broadcasts its image, thanks to the service Skyline webcams, in real time. You can observe how the lighting of coastal hotels, mountains and the sky changes  depending on the time of day, as the sun gilds the brown mountains and snow-white hotel buildings, and the sky lights up with its first or last rays. In the central part of the webcam you can see the promenade, along which it is good to walk in the morning and evening hours near the green palms and admire the ocean scenery and the lights of the resort.

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