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In a small valley, surrounded almost from all sides by high mountains, is located the picturesque town of Ubrique, its beautiful corner you can see with the help of a webcam Cadiz. Ubrique is located 118 km from Seville and 84 km from Malaga airport, from which you can come to this town. It’s easiest to get here by taxi or a rented car, because there is no railway in Ubrique and you can not always notice a bus, heading towards the city. Ubrike is famous for two things. The first is its snow-white houses, which, thanks to their bright walls, do not heat up inside even in the summer heat. To look at the white town, which has about 17 thousand inhabitants, many tourists come. Walking along the narrow streets is pleasant both on a sunny and cloudy day. And, climbing one of the hills along winding serpentines, one can admire Ubrike from above.

The second thing is leather, or rather, products made of it: bags, shoes, accessories. About 200 years ago in this area people were engaged in tanning the skin. And then from this material began to make beautiful things. At present, the skin is processed in other places, and in Ubrique it is sewn by hand from her. Statistics show that in the production of leather goods more than 50% of the population is involved. Since ancient times, from father to son, secrets of mastery have been transmitted, preserved in the 21st century. Starting from the sketch and finishing with the decoration of the finished item, the inhabitants of Ubrique create unique things with their own hands. Their products are highly valued not only in Spain, but also in Europe and Asia. Many famous fashion houses prefer to order bags and accessories from residents of a small Andalusian town. There is also a museum in Ubrique, devoted to the history of tanning in the region.

If you find yourself in Ubrique, you will like its atmosphere and beautiful architecture. In the foreground of the Ubrique – Cádiz webcam you can see the square, laid out in black and white (chess) tiles. On it is the town hall and other ancient buildings. At the top of the camera you can see a high mountain, against which stands an elegant white facade with red trim. In this baroque building is the church of St. Anthony. There are several churches in Ubrique built in the Baroque architectural style and the Capuchin monastery. And there are several squares with ancient fountains (Nine Pipes, Public Fountain), the ruins of a Muslim castle of the 12th century, etc. There is a part of the Roman road in the vicinity of the town. Webcam Cadiz-Ubrique operates in real time. Its translation is provided by Whatsupcams. Enjoy the beauty of the Spanish “white town” at a convenient time for you and come here for handmade leather products.

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