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Before you is Cádiz, founded by the Phoenicians more than three thousand years ago. Knowingly he bears the title of one of the oldest cities in Europe. Cadizя webcam gives you the opportunity to see one of the beaches of Cadiz – Santa Maria del Mar. The size of the beach is 35 m wide and 850 m long. Here you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, there are cabins for changing clothes and showers. On the golden sands of  Costa de la Luz (Coast of the Light), as this part of the Spanish coast is called, you can relax from the full day’s impressions, refresh yourself in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, admiring the city from the water, remember the bright moments of vacation.

Cadiz has an interesting geographical location. It is located on a narrow nine-kilometer peninsula, so it is almost surrounded by water from all sides. Many historical figures called it “the edge of the world”, and indeed, the west of Spain ends of this city. It was from his port in the 15th and 16th centuries, that great seafarers went out to search for unexplored land. Cadiz experienced the influence of different tribes and peoples. Built by the Phoenicians, it belonged to the Romans, the Vandals and the Moors. In the guise of its buildings one can see traces of the domination of these peoples.

Walking through the old town, you can see several fortresses and mansions, as well as the ruins of the ancient Roman theater. The main attraction of Cadiz is the New Cathedral – a luxurious baroque building with two belfries and a huge dome, built with interruptions for over 100 years from 1722 to 1838. The new cathedral received such a name, because earlier in its place was a church of the 13th century, burnt down in the late 16th century. This huge architectural structure can be seen from anywhere in the  Cadiz. You can also see the silhouette of the cathedral in the picture of the  live Cadiz webcam  (in the central part on the right side). In the cathedral there is a crypt, where the famous residents of the city found  eternity peace.

Washed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the city attracts many tourists. On the beach Santa Maria del Mar you want to sit on the hot sand and look at the vast expanses. The webcam of Andalusia shows you breakwaters, who calm down the waves. Thanks to them, even children can swim on this beach in waves. It’s beautiful at any time of the day. And you can see this magnificence with the help of the webcam  Cadiz – the beach of Santa Maria del Mar (Andalusia). It works in real time, thanks to the service Watsupcams. Arriving in Cadiz, be sure to try fish and seafood, because they are caught every day by fishermen from the ocean waters. Or maybe you’ll  find the biggest catch in your life here …

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