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In the west of the Catalan capital, along the sea stretched 10 beaches with golden sand. One of them is Sant Sebastia, part of which allows you to see this webcam  Barcelona. This beach has a long history. It was opened for bathing in the late 18th century, more than 260 years ago. Despite its considerable age, Sant Sebastia still attracts a huge number of people who want to sunbathe on its territory. Here come not only tourists from other countries, but also residents of Barcelona, ​​whose houses are located on the Rambla, near the beach. The dimensions of Sant Sebastia are 1085 m in length and 80 meters in width, so this is the longest beach in the city. San Sebastia is located in a bay, so the sea here is not stormy, but calm, the water is clean. It is convenient to rest and retirees, and families with young children. The beach area is amazing not only for its size, but also for its cleanliness. Tourists and local do not litter here, because you can get a fine for trash.

Sant Sebastia is also popular with people with disabilities, because for them there is a separate zone with toilets and changing rooms, convenient approaches to the sea. In addition, there is a special service on the beach, its employees help disabled people enter and leave the water. The service has water chairs, in which, people with disabilities can take sea baths and sunbathe directly on the water. With the help of the Barcelona webcam you can see the beautiful palm trees and the footpath that divides the beach into 2 parts. On the territory of Sant Sebastia, vacationers can have a good time, not only sunbathing and swimming. Every summer a beach library is opened here, where you can take your favorite book for a while and read an interesting work instead of sitting or lying  and  watch on the screen of your smartphone, although Wi-Fi is also there. And those who like to read, take with them from the hotel or from home literature is not needed.

People who prefer to relax actively, on Sant Sebastia can do water sports, which offer the sea clubs that are here. You can watch  for sports competitions, which are arranged by clubs between schoolchildren and students. There is a playground for children. Nearby there is a bar and a kiosk with food. Toilets and showers on the beach are free, and the cost of umbrellas and sun loungers is 5-6 euros. If you are relaxing in the Catalan capital, to Sant Sebastia beach, you can get from the city center on the yellow metro line to Barceloneta station. If you just arrived in Barcelona, ​​how to get from the airport Barcelona to the city center, you can read here. This Barcelona webcam allows you to see in real time the sea, the sky and part of the beach of Sant Sebastia. And day and night you can watch this attractive part of  capital of Catalonia.

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