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La Palma’s webcam shows part of the Los Cancajos resort, located in the east of the island 5 km south of the airport (Aeropuerto de la Palma). This resort is inferior in size to the popular Western recreation area of ​​Puerto Naos, but it will also delight travelers with good beaches and scenic surroundings. In the town there are several beaches with volcanic coating (black sand). Los Cancajos Beach, which this webcam is aimed at, has been awarded the Blue Flag. Its water area is clean, so people are happy to dive and snorkel here, exploring the underwater world of the Atlantic near the rocky coast and its caves. This part of Palm is very sunny, which will please tourists, who come for a beautiful bronze tan. From the coast of Los Cancajos you can see other islands of the Canary archipelago in the ocean: La Gomera and Tenerife. Since the beach is located in a small natural bay and in several places there are small breakwater rocks in the water, it is quite calm here and there even children can swim.

In the foreground of the picture, which broadcasts La Palma webcam – Los Cancajos beach, you can see the embankment, Europeans are walking along the resort in the mornings and in the evening hours. Behind the promenade is the beach. It is spacious and picturesque. Here you can not only sunbathe, but also play beach football. Umbrellas will protect you from the bright sun, and if you do not want to lie on the hot black sand, rent a sun lounger. Behind the beach of Los Cancajos stretches the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to a real-time webcam, you can see small waves, falling on the rocks and shore. In the upper right corner of the camera there is a timer, where you can see the current time, and in the left corner there is information about the air temperature in the resort. There are several restaurants near the beach, where fresh seafood and fish are served. The town of Los Cancajos is small. It is home to less than 800 people, so it is suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday. If you want to rent a room on the east coast of La Palma, you can book it on my website, using the Hotellook service.

On the left, in the center of the Los Cancajos webcam, you can see the coastline of La Palma and part of the east coast. In the distance, the buildings of a larger city turn white. This is the capital of the island – Santa Cruz de La Palma, located just 3 km from Los Cancajos. To get from one city to another you can easily walk along the embankment, connecting them. In Santa Cruz, go to the Maritime Museum, look at the ancient architecture, go shopping. If you have a car, rented in the Canaries, you can go to other cities in Palma. Interesting are the old Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte (western part of the island). If you love nature, which is fantastic here (it’s not for nothing, that La Palma is called an island of beauty), go to study its flora. At a distance of 26 km from the resort in the northeast of the island, there is a protected forest of Los Tilos, where you can feel like a time traveler, because there grow species of laurel trees and giant ferns, that have survived from the time of dinosaurs. You can visit the volcanoes and beautiful gorges, walk along the trails of the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. La Palma will not let you be bored, and its webcam will show you the beauty of the resort of Los Cancajos at any time of the day.



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