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Gran Canaria webcam shows you a sandy area, where in some places there are small hills, overgrown with grass and shrubs, as well as shiny in the sun’s rays of water. It is Playa del Inglés beach, which is located on the territory of the same resort and stretches along the Atlantic Ocean. This place is desired to be visited by all travelers arriving and sailing to the island of Gran Canaria. The thing is, that the three-kilometer beach is adjacent to the famous Dunes of Maspalomas – the miniature desert of Gran Canaria, which is part of the national park and has a natural origin. On the Playa del Inglés and in the Dunes thin golden sand. It is nice to walk around, therefore, having looked at the image of the webcam, you will see, that a large number of tourists are wandering along the beach and along the water’s edge. After resting in Gran Canaria, you can show photos from the beach and Dune to your friends, and those of you, who did not know about the place of your vacation, will unanimously affirm, that it is Africa and Sahara desert.

The Playa del Inglés resort, once a fishing village, began to develop actively from the 60s of the 20th century, when many holidaymakers from Europe, called Canarians “Englishmen” (hence the name of the beach) came here. Currently, the city and the neighboring Maspalomas are modern resort areas with developed infrastructure. Here there is not only a large number of hotels and apartments, numerous cafes, restaurants and shops, where you can make purchases. There are hospitals, parks, cinemas. Such a list of benefits for tourists can boast only the resort towns of California and Florida in the United States. Here you can have a snack in Hard Rock Café, go to the world’s largest gay club, have fun in steep water parks. On the Playa del Inglés beach you are sure to stumble upon nudists, who have chosen the sand hills. Come to this amazing place, which will bring new emotions into your life and be remembered for a long time. Gran Canaria webcam – Playa del Ingles shows the image in real time, and you can see the raging ocean and golden sand in those minutes, when you want it.

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