Food prices in Tenerife – review of supermarkets Tenerife

From my new article you will learn about the food prices in Tenerife in 2018, and you can see on the page videos and photos, taken in several food supermarkets of the island. To clarify, who will need this information, I will make a small digression and talk about two types of tourists.
The first ones prefer to go on vacation on a holiday voucher, live by the “all inclusive” system in luxury hotels, but at the same time to visit various cafes and restaurants, encountered along the way, trying local specialties and drinks .
Others hardly scrape on rest in warm areas, fly there by low-cost, settle in small apartments or hostels, visit cafes only a few times for the rest, and eat food from the supermarket the rest of the time.

Well, you knew of yourself? If you belong to the travelers of the second type, this article is for you. In it, I will talk about the cost of basic food products in the most popular grocery supermarkets in Tenerife. Thanks to the information, obtained from the article, you can calculate in advance, how much money you will have for food, and more precisely plan your budget for your holiday.
On the island of eternal spring there are different grocery stores, but most of the goods can be found in supermarkets. Walking along the streets of Los Cristianos, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Americas, you will sooner or later see a shop representative of one of the major net. Most often it will be SuperCOR, MERCADONA, GUAI or HIPER DINO. When visiting different supermarkets, you can see, how the prices of products in Tenerife differ in them, and will choose the most profitable option.

In general, lovers fast food are interested in products, such as cheese, cold cuts (jamon, sausages), yoghurts,
bread, vegetables and fruits, water and drinks. Travelers, who prefer to cook in the kitchens of apartments and hostels, take seafood, meat, cereals and potatoes in the shops. In my article I will compare the prices of these products in different supermarkets. And it is up to you to decide, in the store of which trading network you should buy food and ready-to-cook foods.


I will begin my review with the newest GUAI network in Tenerife. The island has 18 stores, but their number will grow. The biggest trading objects are Hiper Guai. Slightly less retail space at the Super Guai. Both types of shops have their own bakeries, so you can buy the freshest buns and bread here. Small outlets are Super Guai Express, where you can find the necessary products.

One of supermarkets Guai in Tenerife (Los Cristianos)

Many large and small Guai stores in the south of Tenerife. On one street of the town of Los Cristianos, you can see several shopping facilities of this network. They work from 8.30 to 21.30 daily.

I quote prices for some products of the network. More information can be found in the video below the table.

The name of products Prices in euros
White toast bread 1,22-2,59
Bakery products From 0,50
Danon Activia yogurt, 4 pcs. on 120 ml 1,69
Goat cheese, 1 kg 8,99
Hamon (in ham) for 6.5 kg 49,95
Frankfurt  sausages, 160g / 1 kg 0,45/2,81
Chicken carcass / chicken thighs, 1 kg 2,95
Chicken Breast 5,75
Pork for skewers, 1 kg 4,40
Salmon fillet, 1 kg 10,28
Long-grain rice, 1 kg 0,65-1,10
Potatoes, 1 kg 1
Fresh cucumbers 1,15
Tomatoes 1,32
Small tomatoes 0,95
Bulgarian pepper 3,25
Papaya 1,75
Apples 2,25
Oranges 1,35
Dorada beer, 0.33 0,49
Beer San Migel, 0,33 0,39
Mineral water Aqua Bona 1,5 л 0,39
Mineral water Aqua Bona, 5 л 1
Juice fruit packaged 2l 1,69


Since these stores opened not so long ago, regular customers of other retail chains are still gets used to its. But the main advantage of GUAI are bakeries with a large selection of buns, which visitors of supermarkets have already appreciated.

 SuperCor Express

In May 2000, a network of stores OpenCor, owned by El Corte Ingles, opened in Spain. Many supermarkets worked from 8 am to 2 am, and some around the clock. In 2018 some stores underwent rebranding and became known as SuperCor Express.

Entrance in SuperCor (Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz)

3 SuperCor Express supermarkets can be found in the capital of Tenerife, the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 2 of them work from 7 am until 1 (one) in the morning without days off. Shops in Candelaria and La Laguna (one shopping center each) are open from 9 to 21.30 and 22 h. In the resort towns of Puerto de la Cruz and Arona, they are open from 9 am to midnight daily.

Below you can see the prices of some products in SuperCor Express.

Product name Price in euro
White toast bread, 400 g From 0,60
Baking From 0,50
Danon Activia yogurt, 4 pcs. on 125 ml. 1,99
Goat cheese, 1 kg From10,90
Hamon (in ham) for 1 kg 21,50
Chicken thighs, 1 kg 3,75
Pork tenderloin, 1 kg 5,90
Lamb Thigh, 400 g 3,59
Boiled shrimp, 1 kg 9,95
Salmon (headless carcass) 12,95
Potatoes, 1 kg 1,85
Fresh cucumbers 1,59
Tomatoes 1,99
Apples 2,25
Canary bananas 1,99
Oranges 0,99
 Dorada beer ,  0,33 л 0,59
 Mahou clasica beer, 0,33 (12 банок) 3,06, if you take 2 packs of 12 each.
Mineral water without gas, 1.5 l 0,30
Juice fruit packaged, 1l 0,80

I visited the store of this net only once, but it was there, that I managed to buy 2 sets of traditional Canary sauces at the most attractive price. 2 packs, each containing 4 different sauces, cost 7,09 euros per share. Thus, for 1 set it was 3,54 euros instead of 4,73 euros, if I bought only 1 set. In other places (souvenir shops, supermarkets) 4 cans of this delicacy were sold for 4,50 and higher.

Promotion on Canary sauces at SuperCor in Tenerife


The good old Mercadona is known to tourists, who have repeatedly visited mainland Spain. This network is loved for a large range of products and low prices for them. I confess, that, when flying to Tenerife, I thought, that I would also often go to these supermarkets. But it so happened, that the Mercadona stores were away from my routes. I got into one of them only on the last day of my journey. It was in the city of Candelaria. There I picked up delicacies home. Shop opening hours from 9.00 to 21.30. Sunday is a day off.

Mercadona in Candelaria (Tenerife)

Check out the prices for the products of the Mercadona network.

Product name Price in euro
White toast bread, 400 g 0,98
Pastry 0,50
Danon Activia yogurt, 4 pcs. on 125 ml. 2
Goat cheese, 1 kg 8,79
Sliced ​​Gouda Cheese, 150 g 1,17
Hamon (in ham) for 1 kg 26,50
Salami in cutting of 2 types, 250 g 1,66
Chicken thighs, 1 kg 3,69
Chicken carcass 2,18
Pork tenderloin, 1 kg 5,63
Boiled shrimp, 1 kg 10,28
Dorada 7
Eggs, 9 pcs. 1,50
Pasta (feathers), 1 kg 0,75
Potatoes / Potatoes Canarian (small) 1 kg 0,85/1,15
Fresh cucumbers 1,89
Canarian tomatoes 0,89
Apples 1,59
Papaya 2,19
Canary bananas 1,75
Oranges 1,15
 Dorada beer, 0,5л 0,89
Mineral water without gas, 1.5 l 0,30
Fruit juice packaged “Don Simon”, 1l 1,00

In Merkadona Tenerife fruit prices pleasantly surprised me. There I bought the fruits of nispero, I liked before. A pound of fruit per share  cost 1.25 euros. Also here there are low prices for alcohol and its large range.
Below is  a few photos from Merkadona.

Meat and sausage sliced in Merkadon (Tenerife)

Assortment of goat cheese in Mercadona Tenerife

Hiper Dino

The Canary Hiper Dino grocery network with a fun dinosaur on the signboard often be met by travelers, relaxing in the south of Tenerife. It so happened, that I went to the store in Los Cristianos, located near the bus station, more often. I managed to make a seven-minute video about supermarket prices, but then I had to delete it due to lack of space on the memory card. And the second time I was not allowed to make video there.

Hiper Dino in Tenerife (Los Cristianos)

I quote the prices of some Hyper Dino products.

Product Name Price in Euro
White toast bread, 500 g 0,98-1,04
Baking От 0,48
Danon yogurt, 8 pcs. on 120 ml. 2,38
Goat cheese, 1 kg 7,95
Edam cheese (piece), 310 g 1,89
Cheese Gouda, 150 g 0,98
Hamon (ham) per 1 kg 18,95
White German sausages, 360 g 2,81
Dry-cured sausage 180-200 g 1,97
Anchovies in vinegar fill, 180 g 3,59
Chicken thighs, 1 kg 2.80 2,80
Chicken carcass 2,69
Pork chops, 1 kg 4,75
Boiled shrimp, 1 kg 8,50
Dorada fish (carcass) 6,47
Eggs, 6 pcs. 1,26
Potato / Canarian potatoes (small) 0,69
Fresh cucumbers 1,59
Canarian tomatoes 1,47
Apples 1.57
Papaya 0,79
Canary bananas 0,99
Oranges 1,17
Beer Dino 0,45
Beer Dorada 0,45
Vine Sangria, 1,5 l 1,82
Mineral water, 1.5 l 0,38
Fruit packaged juices, 1 l 0,99


This shop has very tasty anchovies and white German sausages. Also here is an inexpensive beer, cheeses and cold cuts. On the packaging of many products is the inscription Hiper Dino, because they are made for this network. Sellers here are friendly.
Below is a small video (this is my second attempt to capture the price of food, which was interrupted by shopkeepers, it was only possible to capture fresh pastries).

Products in the Canaries can be bought not only in supermarkets, but also on the market, as well as in small express stores. But there they are more expensive.

As for greens and vegetables, it is better to purchase them and the sweetest and freshest fruits in Tenerife in special shops (Fruteria). Do not listen to those, who say, that their cost is higher, than in supermarkets. In non-tourist places there are very reasonable prices and a large assortment of delicious local fruits. Just remember, that many farms close early, at 15-16 o’clock, but some work until 20.00.

I hope my article was helpful for you. You can leave your comments about supermarkets and products of Tenerife under the article. Taste more and more. Wish you enjoy your meal!

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