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The webcam shows a section of the sandy beach of Castelldefels, located on the outskirts of the town of the same name. This 5 km long beach on the east side borders on the delta of the Llobregat River, and on the west side it is adjacent to the Garraf Nature Reserve. In such a picturesque corner of Catalonia, tourists from all over the world like to relax. They are attracted here not only by the beautiful nature, but also by the proximity to Barcelona, ​​where you can go from time to time. The Catalan capital is only 24 km away, and Barcelona Airport El Prat is even less, 10 km away. To get to these places cheap is possible not only by bus or train, but also by taxi.

The town of Castelldefels is also interesting. Here, on a high hill, is the fortress Castrum Felix, which began to be erected in the 10th century ad. Formerly a small church, it was fortified and completed in the 14th century, after which it became a defensive complex, which served as a defense against the attacks of sea pirates. Currently anyone can visit this complex and admire the city and its surroundings from a high hill. In the city of Castelldefels famous athletes, musicians and actors purchased property. There are many excellent hotels here, that you can book, using the Hotellook service. In 1992, during the Summer Olympics, rowing competitions were held here.

But the majority of tourists, vacationing here, are interested in the beautiful Casteldefels beach, which this Barcelona webcam is aimed at. With it, you can see the Mediterranean Sea, determine the weather at the resort. The camera works in real time, as evidenced by the timer, located in the upper right corner of the picture. Thanks to the good quality of the broadcast image, you can notice the waves of the sea, the terrible clouds or the blue cloudless sky. On the right side of the picture is visible parking for cars, which in the hot season is full of rented cars, or Spaniards’ own cars, who came to sunbathe and swim in Castelldefels. On the beach you can do various sports (windsurfing, parasailing, volleyball). There are several playgrounds for children . So that on a hot day it was convenient to walk around the beach area and not burn your feet with hot sand, there are wooden walkways.

In Castelldefels the rescuers watch from their towers by the order and the safety. The infrastructure of the beach includes toilets and showers. When you get tired of lying on the golden sand or cool off in the waves of the Mediterranean, you can take a boat trip from the port next to Castelldefels. It will be interesting to visit the nature reserve Garraf. On its territory there are caves, ravines, mountains, there are ruins of medieval castles and farms. Walking through the park, you can see badgers, rabbits, martens, many lizards and birds. In the park, you can rent a bicycle for free and move along specially laid routes along it, since the territory of the Garraf reserve occupies more, than 12 hectares. Thanks to  Castelldefels beach – Barcelona live cam, you can admire this beautiful area of ​​Catalonia every day, anticipating a soon rest here.

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