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The webcam Almeria (Andalusia) shows the highest section of the Sierra de los Filabres mountain range: the top of Calar Alto. Its height is 2168 m above sea level. The top, like the whole 50-kilometer chain of mountains, is located in the Spanish province of Almeria in the south-east of the autonomous community of Andalusia. There is an observatory on the high mountain, which is also called Calar Alto. There is a dry climate and few clouds, which usually make it difficult to observe the starry sky. Due to the absence of clouds at night and the proximity of the Tabernas Desert, the mountain is an excellent place to explore the constellations and observe the celestial bodies. Therefore, in the 70s. it was decided to create an observatory here. The Centro Astronomico Hispano Aleman (joint astronomical center of Spain and Germany), as this institution is also called, was opened in 1975.

Initially, observatory workers could observe the planets of the solar system through a 1.2-meter telescope. Later another 4 reflectors were transported here with a minimum focus of 0.8 m to 17 m. One of the 3.5-meter telescopes is the largest in Europe. Thanks to observations made in Calar Alto, scientists discovered 7 small planets from 2001 to 2004. In 2009 the near-earth asteroid was discovered: 2009 DS36. Several years ago the observatory was made accessible to tourists, and now excursions are organized there. People are given a unique opportunity to look at the starry sky through a powerful telescope and get acquainted with the achievements of the observatory.

Calar Alto Observatory (Almeria) – Andalusia webcam shows everyone a beautiful picture of the mountains and sky. In the foreground of the webcam you can see the brown land of the Sierra de los Filabres mountains and the access road to the observatory buildings. In the central part you can see small green trees, that grow in such a high point of Spain. Against the background of brown soil and bright blue sky (during the daytime), 3 towers of the observatory stand out sharply, in which there are refractors, an astrophysical laboratory, and also astronomers live. You can visit Mount Calar Alto and the observatory from Almeria or Malaga (the latter is 217 km from Almeria). You can watch the picture at any time of the day, because the webcam broadcasts in real time, sometimes with a delay of 1-2 seconds. The picture quality is excellent. If you are  interested of Spanish Observatory, you can look at  live vebcam of Tenerife – The Observatory and  the Teide volcano. It situated at the   Canary  island.

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