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If you look at the picture of this webcam Mallorca, you will see one of the popular holiday destinations on the island – Cala Romàntica beach. It is located in the southeast of Majorca near the city of Porto Cristo. Many tourists know the beach under a different name – S’Estany d’en Mas. Early in the guidebooks and on geographical maps the place was called exactly like the village of the same name. But the authorities of the local municipality felt that if you renamed S’Estany d’en Mas in Cala Romàntica, then the beach will want to visit even more travelers, especially lovers, because in the translation from the Catalan language the new name means Romantic bay. But to come here it is worthwhile not only to young people, but also to all lovers of Mediterranean landscapes. This place is amazing with its natural beauty. Unlike many beaches that stretch along a flat shoreline, Cala Romántica is a small cove that cut deep into the land. Here is situated the mouth of the Torrent de Morts creek, which drains into the sea from the mountains. It’s nice to sit on the white sand of the beach and view the rocky cliffs framed by green thickets.

You can see the right side of Cala Romàntica beach in real time, while you in your office or at home. On the left in the foreground of Mallorca’s webcam are lush flowering plants. They decorate the facade of the Hotel Club Riu Romantica. Here you can stay on vacation and directly from the balcony or from the room to watch at the beach and at the Balearic Sea. And you can come to the beach by car and leave it in the free parking, which is at the end of the driveway. Here for you have arranged a quay with which you can go to the beach. The central part of the picture of the web camera is the beach itself. It is small in size, has a length of about 100 m and 160 m in width. But from this Cala Romántica it seems to all visitors more cozy and romantic. Families like to come here with children, because the entrance to the water is rather gentle, and there are no big waves here. The beach is designed for a quiet holiday, it’s quiet, everything is designed for a complete relaxation of holidaymakers, tired of noisy cities. In the evenings in the coastal restaurants near the beach you can listen to live music and taste delicious food.

As can be seen with the help of the Mallorca webcam, on the right in the picture there is a big cliff in all its glory. You can watch it while swimming, or you can take a boat trip past it. You can reach in the sea way to Cala Romantica , because a few miles from this place is the port of the town of Porto Cristo. If you like to swim, then the waves of the bay are an ideal place for this activity. The water in the bay is clear, you can do snorkeling. If you like walking, then you can go from the Cala Romantica beach on winding paths past for a protruding cliff. After 3 kilometers you will reach the bay of Cala Varkes, admiring along the way beautiful landscapes of mountains and the sea. And not far from the village of Cala Romantica is the cave of Drach. There you can not only see stalactites and stalagmites, but also listen to classical music that is performed by musicians at the underground lake. If you love nature – Cala Romantika is suitable for you for relaxation and enjoyable vacation. You will remember for a long time Picturesque views of the sea and rocks and they will be dream to you at night. In the meantime, you can watch the beach and its surroundings through a camera, which in high quality shows you the local species. It is best to look at the beach in the daytime. Then he will appear before you in all its glory.

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