Best Tenerife beach – Playa Fanabe

The beach of Fanabe in Tenerife many travelers consider of prestigious holiday destination. This corner is located in the Costa Adeje resort next to Playa El Duc, the most expensive beach in the area. I went to see the advertised beauty of Faniabe in May 2018. I hasten to share my conflicting impressions from the beach and supplement my photo story and a small negative video.
It is unusual, but in the word Faniabe, the accent falls on the last syllable, and it is pronounced in the French manner – FanabE. This beach is situated in the south of the island of Tenerife, in the western part of the coast of Costa Adeje. From the eastern neighbor, the resort of Las Americas, you can get here on foot along the paths along the Atlantic Ocean. Behind a number of beaches (Troy, Las Cuevitas, Playa del Bobo) the coast will be higher, and you can well view this site of Tenerife from the observation platform. Moving further to the west, you will soon see, that the port of Colon (Puerto Colon) blocks you. You need to go around it on the stairs or along the streets of the resort, but in the latter case you have to loop between the hotels. I passed a number of shops, so it was easier not to get off the road.

View at the estern part of Playa Fanabe, Torviscas, Puerto Colon

Behind the port, a beautiful promenade with a snow-white balustrade begins, and below, along the ocean, stretches a long, long and spacious beach. The coastline is divided into 2 parts. The nearest to Puerto Colon is the territory of Playa Torviscas. You will see a sign with the name of the beach and yellow reed umbrellas on the sand. The second half of the beach is the long-awaited Fanabe. You will understand, that you are on it, on the information board and on a small stone pier that goes into the ocean. Along two beaches in the ocean is a chain of three stone breakwaters. Another 2 piers border the coastline from the port in the east and from the rocky promontory in the west.

One of the entrances to the Fanabe beach

My innate curiosity led to the fact that in the beginning I bathed in the ocean opposite the beach of Torviscas, where I really enjoyed it. But the goal was Fanabe. There I hurried after rest and water procedures. Just want to note, that on that day it was cloudy, even several times drizzled, while I was moving on Las Americas. The wind from the ocean side was not weak, I had to put a shirt with long sleeves on my shoulders. But then the sun took pity on me and looked out from behind the clouds, warming me and other travelers with its rays. But the wind did not abate. At Torviscas, he did not bother me much, because I swam near the eastern tip of the beach. But the closer I approached Fanabe, the more space, there was the waves. Partly they were restrained by the intermittent chain of stone malls, but the water broke through the unclosed areas and its power crashed to the shore.

The children playing at the Fanabe beach

The children ran along the edge of the water and enjoyed the surf. And I decided to swim near the shore. The first test for me were the stone slabs, lying in the water. Because of the waves and the foam, that they left behind, nothing could be seen. I stepped on the bottom at random. It was hard to move, but to get a dip, it was necessary to go at least to the waist. My way was hampered by powerful waves, which several times knocked me down.

Somehow I plunged, but I did not manage to swim. The water fell on my back and partly on my head, chased away to the shore on the slabs. A little resisting in the stormy ocean, I realized, that i need to look for another beach for taking sea baths and began to move cautiously towards the shore, accompanied by formidable waves. Squatting in the water and stumbling, I got to the land, where I was blown from all sides by the burning Tenerife wind. The towel and shirt once again helped me out. After resting and looking around, I began to study the territory of the Fanabe beach.

Western part of Playa Fanabe

Except for the strong wind and the waves knocking down, Fanabе has only one drawback:slabs in the water. You need to be very careful not to stumble and break your legs, when entering the ocean. Especially it is necessary to take into account this to parents, who like to come to the resort with children. Costa Adeje is so well suited for a family holiday.

The area of ​​the beach is huge. It is spacious, but in the hot season (August, September) Fanabe is filled with vacationers from Western Europe. The infrastructure of the beach is well thought out. Here you will find not only souls, paid toilets, water transport rental, but also sun loungers and massage cabins. Sand on Fanabe imported from Africa. It is shallow and gray. On the waterfront, you can have a snack in restaurants and drink refreshing drinks in bars. Opposite the beach there are many small supermarkets, shops, where you can hide from the sun in the midday hours and make pleasant purchases.

View of Costa Adeje from the side of Fanabe beach

In Costa Adeje quite calmly, so it’s worth to come to tourists, who do not like screeching and screaming neighbors. The closest hotels to Playa Fanabe are Lagos de Fanabe, Jardines Nivaria, Iberostar Sabila, etc. Find and book accommodation for the dates of your interest at the most attractive price, you can on my website, using the Hotellook service. Also for this purpose you can use the search form in the side-bar.

Resting in Costa Adeje (Tenerife), take the time to explore other beauties of the island of eternal spring. Walking in the direction of Puerto Colon, book a walk on a yacht along the southern coast and admire it from the ocean. Visit the Siam Park, water park, located a few kilometers away. You can depart from the port of Los Cristianos to the neighboring island of Homera, whose outline can be viewed in good weather from the shore.
If you decide to stay at Playa Fanabe, you can take a taxi, public transport (buses Nos. 343, 450,111) from Tenerife South Airport to Costa Adeje, and rent a car.

My video about a visit to the beach will show you the territory of Fanabe. Do not pay attention to the negative assessment, which is strongly affected by the weather. Evaluation is more about bathing. But you can spend time on the beach, doing sports, sunbathing, sitting in cozy cafes, enjoying a massage and admiring the Atlantic Ocean.

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