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Beach Barbate – a small town located on the Atlantic coast, you can see with the help of a webcam of Cadiz. The boundless ocean swims to the coastline and lazily covers it with its smooth waves, and the clouds are reflected in the water. Here you can not just swim and sunbathe. This wide sandy area, called the Carmen Beach, is very popular with fans of windsurfing. When a strong wind blows, you can catch more than one wave. And Barbate is famous for fishing. It is considered a town of fishermen, where everyone loves to catch marine life from small to large. On the beach of Carmen, you can also meet people with fishing rods, that are waiting for a good catch. The best trophy is bluefin tuna. In the restaurants of the town you can try fresh fish, but better try to catch it yourself in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nature Barbate is not just the ocean. These are pine forests in which the air is clear and transparent. Here it is easy to breathe, and everything has a relaxed rest. The nature park of heathlands and marshes is suitable for those, who like cycling, horse riding, trekking. There are many routes for such people. History lovers will find it useful to learn that the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, in which Admiral Nelson perished, Spain and France lost 22 ships, and Britain won and became a powerful sea power, took place off the coast of this town. On the banks of Barbate there are several ancient stitched towers of the 16th and 17th centuries. They defended the town from pirate raids. In the vicinity of Barbate you can see fortresses and megaliths.

But all the same Barbate is more suitable for those, who love the sea. Its location is suitable for parasailing, diving, sailing and water skiing. Located near the Strait of Gibraltar, it is as if inviting travelers to make an ocean walk along the waves and enjoy the salty wind, contemplation of whales and the coastline of Spain. Near the beach Carmen is a fishing port, from where you can go to meet ocean adventures and take part in Andalusian fishing. The webcam of Cadiz – Barbate, broadcasted by the Whatsups service, works around the clock. And you can see the Atlantic Ocean at a time when it’s convenient for you. To enjoy the spectacle of the beach and the salty expanses, you will need to go from the main page of the webcams of Cadiz along the arrow to the webcam Barbate (Playa de Carmen). Before opening the picture, you will need to wait 3-5 seconds.

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