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The magnificent landscape that you can see with the help of Gran Canaria webcam is the property of Anfi Tauro’s huge hotel complex. It is located in the south-west of the island and is hidden from prying eyes by a long ridge of rocks. On the northern slope of the cliff is built a magnificent building, a vacation in which people can afford, who are not used to counting every penny. The successful location of the complex behind the mountain and the Tauro valley, spreading in front of it served as the reason for creating spacious golf courses and a club here. So there was created Anfi Tauro Golf and Lakshari Resorts, walking through the territory of which – a huge pleasure for any traveler. With the help of Gran Canaria webcam you can see emerald lawns, that adorn ponds and palms with lush crowns. On the horizon the mountains of the island and the Atlantic Ocean stretch, to which you can easily and quickly get from the luxurious resort. The hotel guests will always find what to do in this picturesque place.

In the foreground of the webcam you can see part of the main building, its rooms are inhabited by rich travelers. On a hot day, they can walk along the shady palm avenue and cool off in one of the three huge pools, and in winter these water tanks are warmed up and it will not be able to freeze. Here you can spend time in the SPA and fitness center. And men will be pleased to play golf. Travelers, who like the ocean, will be able to do various water sports: diving, water skiing, yachting. Thanks to the mountainous terrain, guests of resort can fly at paraglider. If you want live here, you can book a room in this hotel, using Hotellook service. Anfi Tauro – Gran Canaria webcam works in real time, but sometimes the image lags at 1-2 seconds from reality. The perfect quality of the camera will allow all lovers of luxury hotels to enjoy the splendor of the Anfi Tauro complex, and will also serve as a reason to fly or sail to Gran Canaria, to see all this beauty in fact.

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