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In front of you is the eastern part of the Poniente beach, the image of which you can see with the Benidorm web camera. Poniente is the longest beach in the city. Its length is 3 km. The eastern part of the beach is the most popular holiday spot, and most tourists are resting here during the hot season, so it is worth coming here early in the morning to see pink clouds and calm waves of the Mediterranean. The popularity of this corner of Poniente is easily explained. The beach is near in the port, where there are small yachts on the dock. If desired, any traveler can come here and look at them. He also has the opportunity to take a boat trip that will take a tourist to the island of Benidorm, also called the Island of Reporters. The pleasure boat leaves the port hourly and reaches the coast of the island in 20 minutes. Tourists will most like the boat-aquascope with glass sides, in which they will pass from the boat and sail along the coast of the island of Benidorm. Since the lower part of the aquascope is under water, people will be able to see beautiful colorful fish in the transparent sea and the rocky banks of Benidorm.

Going ashore, you can climb to the top of the mountain and admire the eponymous resort. Children will be happy to look at the peacocks living here, and sunbathe on the beach, which this island is equip. To the services of starving travelers cafe with light snacks and drinks. Having rested on the Island of Reporters and having made many beautiful photos, you will return to the mainland on a pleasure boat. If you liked a small islet, you can go one day from your holiday from the port of Benidorm to another island of Tabarka. The way to it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. The ship departs from the port at 10:30 and returns in the evening. In Tabarka you can visit the old church, go under the gates of the fortress, look at the lighthouse, eat delicious fish in restaurants and swim with a mask in the clear sea. In the port of Benidorm, which you see on the left side of the webcam Benidorm, there is a yachting school, classes in it will allow you to learn how to manage a snow-white vessel. Also on the territory of the port there is a dive club.

On the beach of Poniente you can relax from cares, play volleyball and petanque, swim in the sea, to where it is convenient to go from shore. Since there are few palm trees on the beach, from heat you will hide in a small shady park, adjoining the eastern part of Poniente. From the east to the west along the beach there is an embankment, along which it is pleasant to walk in the evening. Another reason why tourists love this corner of the beach is the nearby center of Benidorm. At any time you can go shopping and souvenir shops and have a snack in the numerous restaurants and tapas bars. With the help of the Live webcam of Benidorm – Poniente beach and port you will notice a cape deep in the sea behind the port. At its top is the famous Balcony of the Mediterranean and the Old Town, which you can read about in the descriptions of other webcams of our website. Benidorm webcam works in real time and gives you the opportunity to see the attractions of Poniente at a time convenient for you.

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