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Live webcam of the Dominican Republic shows a small part of the town of Bayahibe, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in the south-east of the country. Growing up, like many tropical resorts, from a small fishing village, Bayahibe in the 21st century became an excellent recreation area for tourists from South and North America, Europe and Russia. Thousands of foreigners and Dominicans themselves come here every year to swim in the warm Caribbean Sea, lay at the white sand of beautiful beaches, visit nature parks and neighboring islands, and try diving. If you live in Russia or European countries, then you can watch the life of Bayahibe with this webcam. This is best done from 12 o’clock Moscow time or from 10 hrs European time. It is then, that the Caribbean is dawning, and the sky becomes clear, and the sea becomes bright blue and alluring. On a deep European night in the Dominican Republic, life is just beginning to die. The difference with Moscow is 7 hours, with Madrid and Paris – 5 hours.

In the foreground of the  Republica Dominicana webcam, you can see a small cafe, as well as pickups common in the Caribbean, periodically passing by or stopping here. On the left side of the webcam is a beautiful green corner with tropical trees. Life is in full swing on the right side of the webcam. There you can see crowds of people, rushing to the yacht port. Beautiful vessels are on the dock or sail from it, taking everyone to a voyage in the Caribbean. From here, tourists are transported to the neighboring islands of Haiti, Catalina and Saona. These islands areas are protected by the state. Catalina island is located just 2 km from the coastal city of La Romana. It is famous for diving and tropical beaches. This island was discovered in 1494 by Christopher Columbus. Saona is called the island of Bounty, because on it beach, Palmilla, filmed a coconut bar ad. Here tourists are photographed against the backdrop of a palm grove, swimming, admiring starfish, visiting a tortoise nursery.

After a voyage you can take a walk around Bayahibe. In the evenings here, although there is no unbridled noise typical of youth resorts, you can spend time in the Stars Club disco bar. It is located on a hill, so visitors can see the city from above. On the Dominicus beach younger people can also dance, by visiting the El Eden Disko. In the town there are several beer bars, casino, so it will not be boring in the evenings. In the beautiful corner of the Dominican Republic should definitely come. Here, the weather is pleasant and the sea is warm. This place can be visited all year round. You can rent a room in cozy hotels and apartments of Bayahibe, using the Hotellook service, as well as the search form of this site. While you are planning your trip here, enjoy the views of Bayahibe thanks to the Dominican Republic webcam – Bayahibe port, which is broadcast by the Whatsupcams service.

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