Santa Eulalia del Rio – Live webcam of Ibiza


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The Ibiza webcam shows you the landscape, that any traveler wants to see on vacation in warm lands. There is a wide beach with golden sand, an embankment, framed by rows of thick palm trees with lush crowns, affectionate Balearic Sea, the waves of which lick sand from the shore, as well as a picturesque hill, on which the slopes are located luxury apartments. All this beauty awaits you, if you come to the town of Santa Eulalia del Rio. Unlike the bustling San Antonio – the capital of the island of Ibiza, this place is very calm. Here come lovers of family holidays and natural attractions. But this does not mean, that the city is quiet. Tourists can have fun in the water park “Cesar’s Watersports”. There are many cafes and restaurants ,where you can taste seafood dishes and delicious Spanish desserts. One of these restaurants is called Restaurante La Fontana. It got its name because of its location. Opposite the restaurant, on the waterfront, there is a round fountain. You can see it in the central part of the Ibiza webcam, in the place, where the coast with a small protrusion stands out into the sea.

The ground with the fountain divides the beach into 2 parts. If you walk along the embankment in the direction of the hill, then soon see a river flows. It is the only river on the island of Ibiza. You can go to the other side on the bridge. If you go further along the right bank of the river, you will see another bridge, it is old, from the time of Ancient Rome. And on the high hill of Puig de Missa, towering over the city, visit the church of the 16th century and admire Santa Eulalia del Rio, spread out at your feet. If you want to walk from the fountain to the other side of the embankment, you will soon find yourself in the city port. Yachts, boats, boats are what awaits you here. Along the island you can ride on them and get an unforgettable experience of the sea walk. Beautiful snow-white ferries, calling at the port, can take you to another Balearic island – Formentera. The Ibiza webcam – Santa Eulalia del Río will show you a charming corner of Spain during the day and evening. The image is broadcast in real time. A small delay of the picture in 1-2 seconds is possible. Come on holiday to Ibiza. The beach season here begins in May and ends in the late fall. But in other months you can enjoy the sights of this city.

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