Puntagorda webcam – La Palma, Canary islands


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The webcam of La Palma, the greenest island of the Canary Islands, shows you the beautiful landscape of the small village of Puntagorda. It is located in a beautiful area in the north-west of the island. The name Puntagorda refers to the province, in which the village is located. The province is considered the smallest on La Palma. The number of inhabitants is only 2000 people. If you decide to come here, you will be shocked by the beauty of the surrounding nature of the village. The surroundings of Puntagorda are El Fayal forest, consisting of Canarian pine trees, as well as the beautiful gorge de Iscagua (Barranco de Iscagua). In the village you will not see the beach, because It is located high in the mountains, but not far from it there are steep cliffs, from the height of which one can look at the Atlantic Ocean. Above Puntagorda the locals grow grapes, from which they make delicious Traviesa wine. This drink is awarded a gold medal in the Spanish wine competition. If you come to Puntagorda in February, you can admire the pink groves of flowering almond trees. In honor of the beautiful flowering even arrange festive processions and concerts. In addition to pines and almonds, you can look at orange trees, avocados and bananas. They are grown for sale by farmers.

In the foreground of the Puntagorda webcam – La Palma (Canary Islands) you can see the greenery of the island, including and giant cacti, opuntia, which make delicious honey and liqueur. Charming houses in the Canary style: small, with red roofs and wooden balconies. Clouds are visible ahead, and the vast ocean stretches beneath them. If you stay in this village, you can see 2 churches here: the new and the old (San Mauro Abad). This temple was built in the 16th century. Inside you can see beautiful icons, the appearance of the church deserves attention. Canarian windmills can be seen in this municipality. Despite the small size of the village, or a small town, here you will find several restaurants, cafes, bars. You can come to Puntagorda from Santa Cruz de la Palma, the capital of the island. The distance between settlements is 23 km. You can try tasty macaroons, local cheeses and wines, as well as buy souvenirs in the small market of Mercadillo. It is situated near the forest El Fayal. La Palma’s webcam shows a high quality picture during daytime hours. Thanks to the timer, located in the upper right corner of the picture, you can find out the exact time and date. The image is updated 1 time in 5 seconds.



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