Paseo del mar – Webcam of Lloret de mar


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The webcam Lloret de Mar gives to to your attantion a beach, which is the most visited tourist place of this resort town. Unlike other Lloret de Mar webcams, which broadcast a picture with a view of the beach and sea waves, here you can see only a small piece of the Mediterranean on the right side of the camera. Near the sea you see a wide strip of golden sand and happy people lying on deckchairs. They enjoy the holidays, substituting the shoulders and chest for the rays of the Catalan sun. The resort takes vacationers all year round, and the beach season here lasts from late April to November. A warm climate attracts people from the cold countries of Northern Europe and Great Britain. Most of the image broadcast by the webcam shows a part of the Paseo del Mar embankment and the houses that stand along it.

When not too hot, along the waterfront, you can take a long walk from the western part of Lloret beach, ending with a rocky cape, to the eastern edge of this beach, also resting on the mountains, among which is a beautiful mansion, stylized as a medieval castle. Along the way you can admire the lush palm trees, the sea view, view passers-by of different nationalities. Behind the waterfront is Passeig d’Agustí Font, along which vehicles and tourist buses are continuously goes. In buildings built in the Art Nouveau style, you will find all the components of the tourism sector. Some of them are hotels, others are restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine, where you can relax after a day full of excursions. In the lower left corner of the webcam image of Lloret de Mar you can notice the KFS café. Here you can try all the usual fast food.

The lower floors of many buildings are occupied by souvenir shops and clothing. You always buy here something to remember your rest in Catalonia, because shopping in Spain is very democratic and diverse. The webcam Lloret de Mar works around the clock, so at a time convenient for you you can watch the life of this resort town. The best picture is visible in the daytime. In the evenings, life in Lloret de Mar does not stop. On the promenade of the Paseo del Mar people walk, they look at the products and souvenirs of local craftsmen, listen to music. In the central part of the street opposite the waterfront is the square and the building of the city hall. Here the local people dance sardana several times a week, brass band is playing. You can feel the whole color of Spain by coming here. Enjoy the view of the Paseo del Mar in high quality and make plans for the upcoming rest.

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