Panoramic webcam of Mallorca – Port d´Andratx harbour


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Thanks to the panoramic webcam of Mallorca, you can see the beautiful harbor of Puerto d´Andratx, located in the south-west of the island near the resort of Camp de Mar. Once there was a fishing village, which in the 20th century turned into a luxury resort. Once on it, you can meet world celebrities. Stars of show business and sports love to relax in Port d´Andratx, because they are attracted by the beauty of the mountains surrounding the harbor, the crystal-clear waters of the Balearic Sea, fine Mediterranean restaurants, luxury boutiques and the lively atmosphere that, reigns in this respectable resort.

Puerto d´Andrax webcam shows you a 180-degree panorama of the harbor. On the left side of the broadcast picture you can see the entrance to the harbor, as well as a small lighthouse standing on an artificial jetty. Moving to the right, the webcam opens to your attention a gorgeous view of the emerald mountain hills. On their slopes built luxury villas, which are home to world stars, businessmen, rich retirees from mainland Europe. From the windows of their possessions overlooking the southern part of the harbor. The same villas are located here. Every day they are becoming more and more, because in such a picturesque place many rich people dream of spending time.

But their desire is not limited to living in magnificent houses. These people love boat trips on yachts. This is evidenced by the abundance of beautiful snow-white ships, standing on the quays of the Club de Vela jetty in the northern part of the harbor. Here at the same time can be up to 500 yachts. From Puerto d´Andrax you should go to the island of La Dragonera, located 780 meters from the shores of Mallorca. There you can look at different birds and lizards, because the island is a natural park. On a yacht, you can simply swim along the rocky shores of the Balearic island, admiring the coves and mountains.

 If you are not the owner of a large company or a world star, but just went to Mallorca on your annual vacation or you are a backpacker, who loves to discover new places, you should still come to Port d´Andratx on a car, rented in Mallorca for at least half a day. Even for a small amount of money in the company of other travelers, you can swim on a motor yacht through a beautiful harbor and take a trip to the Dragonera, walk along the scenic paths of this unusual natural park. Canoe rental is available at the Club de Vela marina and you can enroll in a sailing school.

If you like trekking, then Puerto d´Andratx is a place, where you can spend a lot of time in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains and from their height admire the beautiful harbor and ocean. Here you can also rent a bike and spend a great few hours driving along the hilly roads of the southwestern part of the island. Those, who like to swim in clear water, will love the harbor’s small coves. But if you are used to spending time on the beach, you should go to the nearby town of Camp de Mar. There are beautiful beaches here.

In Port d´Andratx, you can see the ancient guard towers, that once protected the city from pirates. And true connoisseurs of architecture will be able to stroll through the streets of the old town of Andratx, located a few kilometers from the harbor. Fans of shopping will be pleasantly surprised by the range of summer clothes and stylish accessories in the shops of Puerto d´Andratx. And those, who prefer to use organic products, it is worth to look here at the supermarket Veritas. In short, here you will find everything for recreation and entertainment. A panoramic webcam Mallorca – Port d´Andratx harbour, working in real time, will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this place, while you are just going to the amazing island of Mallorca.

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