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The webcam of Malaga shows you a wide beach, alley and a coastal boulevard in Fuengirola. This resort is located 35 km from the main town of the Costa del Sol and only 26 km from Malaga Airport. Fuengirola is surrounded by a semicircle of mountains of the Sierra de Mijas, and its southern part borders on the Mediterranean Sea. The warm climate and developed infrastructure attract tourists from Europe and even South America. Especially the town was chosen by the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries and Argentina. Moroccans loves coming here too , because not far (about 115 km from here) is the Strait of Gibraltar. In Fuengirola you will find all the components of a good holiday: hotels on any wallet, restaurants, shops and souvenir shops, as well as magnificent beaches.

In the resort there are 7 beaches. They all boast a wide strip of golden sand, a convenient entrance to the sea. Here you will find playgrounds for children, rent of sun loungers, umbrellas and transport for water entertainment. All beaches are equipped with toilets, cabanas and showers. For the excellent service and cleanliness from year to year, these beaches receive the Blue Flag award. The beach of Fuengirola, which you see with the help of the online Malaga webcam, is the most popular holiday destination in the town. Here you can play volleyball, rent a catamaran or a boat. Many travelers will enjoy the passive sunbathing and contemplation of the gentle Mediterranean Sea, while the rumor will delight the surf. And someone wants to go on a boat trip to see in the waves of frolicking dolphins.

Thanks to the webcam of Malaga – Fuengirola Beach, you can see how spacious the beach is, and also you have the opportunity to contemplate its surroundings. In the morning and evening hours is worth a stroll along the seaside promenade of Paseo Maritimo, decorated with palm trees. In the hot time of the day you can cool off in the coastal cafe or walk around the numerous shops of clothes and souvenirs. If you rent a car in Spain, you can ride around the city and travel to the neighboring towns of Torremolinos, Benalmadena, and if you want, you can visit the Strait of Gibraltar. But Fuengirola itself will not let you get bored. It is rich in attractions, although it was once a simple fishing village.

Not far from the city center is the Moorish fortress of the 10th century – Castiglio Socha, and in the central square is the temple of the Virgin of Rosario, the patroness of Fuengirola. If you think, whether it is worthwhile to come here with children, the answer will be “yes”. In the city there is a water park “Aquatico Midge” and a zoo with African and Asian animals. Adults like the corrida, for which the arena is built, and numerous golf courses. On one of the squares of the city grows an old ficus, which the city’s residents saved from transplantation. And the cozy narrow streets of the resort will take you to the past. But most of the time travelers like to spend by the sea and admire it. The Fuengirola webcam works in real time, so the picture is available to you, whenever you want. High quality video will help you feel closeness to the resort, even if you are away from it at a distance of several thousand kilometers.

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