Tenerife holidays on November

If you doubt that there are no holidays in Tenerife in November, and everything froze before Christmas, then I hasten to disappoint you and make you happy. Canaries love to have fun all year round. Holidays this month on the island are held. Yes, even what !!! If you were arrived to Tenerife in November, you can not only swim in the ocean, climb the Teide or explore the Anagi laurel forests, but also see, how the All Saints Day is held on the Canary Island, as well as take part in the events of the Night in White and visit Wine festival.

Let’s start from the first day of the month. Catholics celebrate All Saints Day on November 1. The Spaniards call him El Dia de Todos los Santos. In Tenerife, November 1 is a day off. Residents of the island on this day must go to the temple for a festive service. And then several generations of the family gather at the table. They recall the past, funny stories, that happened to relatives. On November 1, the menu necessarily contains such unusual dishes as holy bones “los huesos de santo” (marzipan cookies with yolks), los buñuelos de viente (cream pancakes) and others. You can also see people in witch, magicians, zombies costumes on the streets of Canary cities are echoes of yesterday’s Halloween.

Holy bones cookies (Los Huesos de Santo) can be tasted in Tenerife in November

November 16, 2019 in the city of La Laguna for the eleventh time will be a celebration of the Night in White (La Noche en Blanco). From 10 a.m., theater artists, dancers and musicians will take to the streets of the city and show their art to everyone. You can go to any museum, gallery for free, watch concerts, art exhibitions, costume parades, participate in contests, games and sports competitions. The festival of culture was first held in 2009 and marked the beginning of preparations for Christmas. In the White Night in the city Christmas illumination is included. Public transport (tram) runs until the morning. The opening hours of cafes and restaurants are also extended until dawn.

So goes Noche en Blanco in Tenerife in the city of La Laguna

At the end of November, or rather, on the last two days of the month, November 29 and 30, remember of St. Andrew the First-Called (San Andres) on the largest Canary Island. This apostle is considered the patron saint of fishermen and sailors. For many years now, in the last days of autumn, Tenerife residents have been holding a Wine Festival. On the night of November 29-30, when the moon appears in the sky, the owners of wineries and cellars discover the new wine of the last harvest and try it for the first time.

The holiday is widely celebrated in the north of the island, in the cities of Orotava, Icod de los Vinos and Puerto de la Cruz. At that time music was playing on the noisy streets, tastings of Canary wines were made, which were made from vines, grown on the slopes of the Teide volcano, well-lit by the sun. You can’t buy many of this alcoholic drinks at the supermarket, and during the holiday you can taste them for free or for a few euros. Snack young wine on St. Andrew’s Day is made by roasted chestnuts, trays with which are located in the busiest places of Icoda and Puerto de la Cruz. Traders also sell traditional Canarian food: papas arrugadas, gofio bread, fried cheese with sauces, etc.

St. Andrew’s Day in Puerto de la Cruz

But not only wine is famous for Fiesta San Andres. It has some more interesting traditions, that can be seen only in several cities of Tenerife. One of them, Arrastre de los Cacharros, can be met in Puerto de la Cruz. Translated from Spanish by Arrastre de los Cacharros, means “dragging pots.” Old tin cans, pots, pans, metal objects are tied to a wire or thick rope and drag them along, running through the streets and making noise. Basically, it is fun for children, but adult Canaries are happy to participate in it. So even 20-30 back even the old household appliances were dragged through the streets: refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens. And also in the central square of the city, El Charco (located in the Old Town), people bring pottery with them and throw it on the ground. Loud sounds resemble the noise, that wine barrels created in the old days, when they were carried along the cobblestones. It is also believed, that such powerful sounds drive away evil spirits.

Fiesta de Tablas de San Andres on Tenerife

The second Canary tradition is Las Tablas de San Andres (Boards of St. Andrew). It can be seen in the town of Icod de los Vinos. Along with wine, the main attribute of the holiday is small wooden or bakelite (made of wood plastic) sled boards, abundantly, greased with wax from the bottom. Young boys and girls sit on them and glide, developing decent speed, along the narrow streets of Icoda (Del Plano, San Antonio), steeply going downhill. And then they crash into a high barrage of car tires. You can brake and control the sled only with your hands (it is better to wear gloves on your hands). Then everything repeats again and resembles our children’s sleigh ride. On streets without snow, the descent looks more spectacular, and if you wish and courage, you can also take part in it.

This interesting tradition is rooted in the 17th century and is also associated with wine. As you know, Canarian grapes grow in highlands, but wine had to be delivered down to the city. People transported alcohol in wooden barrels on a sleigh drawn by oxen. Planks were placed in front of the barrels so, that they would not fall out of the sled. Behind the barrels stood a clever helmsman, who controlled the sleigh with a wooden oar.

So noisy, fun and interesting, to the sound of a sled, cans, with a glass of delicious Canarian wine, enjoying the smell of roasted chestnuts, you can spend the last days of autumn in Tenerife. And ahead of you is waiting for a no less interesting December, when the whole Catholic world celebrates Christmas. How is this holiday in Tenerife, you can read in the article holidays in Tenerife in December. Do not miss the release of a new article on the site!