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Jan 11

Granada, Sevilla, Malaga webcams – Andalusia resorts

Andalusia webcams ( Malaga, Sevilla, Marbella e t.c.) allow you to enjoy beautiful views of the most popular autonomous community of Spain. They will show you the beaches and trendy ski resorts, ancient cities and modern cities, as well as the magnificent nature of the country. Andalusia, located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, …

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Jan 09

Malaga airport – how to get to resorts of Costa del Sol

The Spanish city of Malaga, located in the south of the country, is a transit point for many tourists. Arriving at the international airport of this city, they are in a hurry to quickly find themselves on the warm sands of the Mediterranean coast. How to get from Malaga airport to the resorts of the …

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Dec 12

Food prices in Tenerife – review of supermarkets Tenerife

From my new article you will learn about the food prices in Tenerife in 2018, and you can see on the page videos and photos, taken in several food supermarkets of the island. To clarify, who will need this information, I will make a small digression and talk about two types of tourists. The first …

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Oct 15

Monkey Park Tenerife – review, how to get it

Monkey Park Tenerife is a small zoo in the south of the island, where you can not only look at the animals, but also feed and stroke them. Communicating with the funny inhabitants of park will especially appeal to children, but adults will also get great pleasure from it. How to get to Monkey Park …

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Oct 09

The best places on Tenerife (towns) -2018

What cities of Tenerife are worth visiting for those, who flew in or sailed here for the first time? Millions of tourists every year aspire to this island, because here they can relax in any of the 12 months of the calendar year. The amazing and unique nature of Tenerife attracts like fans of parasailing, …

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Sep 28

Top-5 natural attractions of Tenerife

If you are going to relax on Tenerife, then before you leave, you will search the world’s web for information about, what to do for yourself 7-10-14 days on this Canary Island, except for felting on the beach, eating local cuisine and going to shopping centers and souvenir shops. I will tell you, what to …

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