Dec 12

Food prices in Tenerife – review of supermarkets Tenerife

From my new article you will learn about the food prices in Tenerife in 2018, and you can see on the page videos and photos, taken in several food supermarkets of the island. To clarify, who will need this information, I will make a small digression and talk about two types of tourists.
The first ones prefer to go on vacation on a holiday voucher, live by the “all inclusive” system in luxury hotels, but at the same time to visit various cafes and restaurants, encountered along the way, trying local specialties and drinks .
Others hardly scrape on rest in warm areas, fly there by low-cost, settle in small apartments or hostels, visit cafes only a few times for the rest, and eat food from the supermarket the rest of the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 08

The best live Dominicana Republic webcams – Beaches and Port

The best live Dominicana webcams will help all people, interested in this country, to see beautiful tropical landscapes without getting up from the sofa or from the chair. And they will cause a desire to visit a distant country, located in the Caribbean on the island of Haiti. The Dominican Republic is famous all over the world for its beaches with fine white sand, amazing underwater world, inhabited by fish of different sizes and colors, octopuses, crabs and squid. Divers from many countries dream to explore gorgeous coral reefs. In the clear water near the shore you can often see beautiful starfish, and in the open sea look at dolphins, turtles, and humpback whales. This country has a heavenly rest, because there is too bright and beautiful. Travellers come here to go windsurfing, diving, ride horses in the picturesque green national parks, visit underground caves, relax on the bounty-beaches. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 15

Monkey Park Tenerife – review, how to get it

Monkey Park Tenerife is a small zoo in the south of the island, where you can not only look at the animals, but also feed and stroke them. Communicating with the funny inhabitants of park will especially appeal to children, but adults will also get great pleasure from it. How to get to Monkey Park Tenerife and who can be seen there is described in my article, which is equipped with many photos and a small video about the coolest animals living in the Monkey Park. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 09

The best places on Tenerife (towns) -2018

What cities of Tenerife are worth visiting for those, who flew in or sailed here for the first time? Millions of tourists every year aspire to this island, because here they can relax in any of the 12 months of the calendar year. The amazing and unique nature of Tenerife attracts like fans of parasailing, diving, hiking and snorkeling, like a magnet. The most unusual sights of the island should definitely see everyone, who happened to be here. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 28

Top-5 natural attractions of Tenerife

If you are going to relax on Tenerife, then before you leave, you will search the world’s web for information about, what to do for yourself 7-10-14 days on this Canary Island, except for felting on the beach, eating local cuisine and going to shopping centers and souvenir shops. I will tell you, what to look at in Tenerife to get an idea of ​​it. Canary Islands -the unique archipelago with an unusual nature, so many travelers come here to see the natural beauty of this corner of the earth. Here you can see a volcano and gorges, green mountains and caves, banana plantations and pine forests, palms and cacti, as well as flowers and plants that you will not find anywhere else in nature. Due to the mountain range, Tenerife is divided into 2 parts: southern and northern. In the south, the climate is warmer and drier. The north of the island is damp and cool.

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Sep 03

Siam Park on Tenerife – practic review

If you are tired of a relaxing holiday in Tenerife, allocate one day of vacation to visit Siam Park. Here you will get a charge of adrenaline, which you will have enough for a long time. Siam Park is the largest water park in Europe, and the variety of its attractions will please even the most capricious travelers. Tourists, who visited here say, that this is the coolest water park, they have seen. I also agree with this statement, as recently I tried all adult attractions on myself, and experienced vivid emotions. Read the rest of this entry »